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Default Re: 125cc engine!!!!!!!!

i just posted a thread just like this see I have 2 stingrays 2 125 semi auto 125cc engines so i'm going to build one but just like you all say on here its too much but heres my deal the 125 has a real generator that doesnt rob power from the ignition and it has 4 gears if you dont want to go fast on it dont roll the throttle all the way. the little hard knock is a cool little chopper but you have to tag inspect insure all that jusnk if I put the little 125 in my stingray which has tall apes and will have a springer seat all i have to do is retain functional pedals and its legal here in oklahoma not insurance no tag then I can just pop around all over town like my big bike without cars running me over don't get me wrong I love my regular motorized bicycle but I want to build a moster and I think I just might go ahead and do it.
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