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Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
I would look into moped exhausts (tho the manifold will need a bit of tweaking to get it to fit) there's also "poo-poo" pipes, much like the stock one but with a much longer head pipe so the muffler itself is more toward the back of the bike, behind you instead of under

I dunno where to get a poo-poo, I'd check Spooky, I think they might have them, but a moped exhaust might look better and be quieter - if a little more work.

If you dig around the forum some - there's actually quite a bit on quieting these MBs, the intake is responsible for a LOT of the noise you hear. I found when I made a silencer for mine that it had been actually louder than my exhaust was.

Good luck man, I too like the "stealth" approach

Thanks, that's good to know. can you point me toward how you silenced the intake? I want to take all approaches required, so maybe I'll do one of those moped or poopoo exhausts, as well as the intake silencer, except I have no idea what one of those even looks like or how it works(don't really know how a muffler works either, since some are super loud, like on harley's, while others are quiet).
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