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Default Re: Skeptics Review of SBP Tuned Pipe

Yeah Shadeslay, I just stuck it on there to see how it would look and it happened to fit perfectly! So naturally I had to ride around w/it

Hmm, due to Venice's duct tape comment I took another look... what is that doing for ya? o_O

BTW, ya might wanna flip the manifold plate around so the loop for the springs is underneath, making the springs wrap around the pipe. This provides a more uniform pressure and holds everything together better.

You defo wanna get both springs on there, they're all that are holding the pipe together. Those springs are so prone to breaking from vibration and heat combined with time that they are usually backed up with a safety-wire tether (something I've been too lazy to attend to lol).

Having a second one reduces the stress and provides a "second chance" should the other fail. I really don't wanna run over my exhaust system at any speed

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