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Default Re: Skeptics Review of SBP Tuned Pipe

On mine I found after a while leaving the springs to hold the top assembly had allowed it to vibrate to much and start leaking. To fix that I used plumbers tape to attach the header to the the frame. I also used rtv on the connections, the main one I found to leak is where there is no silicon coupler. The copper coupler that attaches to the part that mounts to the motor, that's where most of my sound was coming from. Once it's all sealed up the sound level goes way down and you can hear it from the rear of the exhaust instead of from the front.

Also you could try sweeping up the rear of your pipe, that should give you some clearance, so you can go over curbs with out dragging your pipe. The plumbers tape will work well for securing the rest of your pipe as well.

P.S. Barely I like the hose extension. I used a copper 45 on mine to aim it away from my bike. But that looks much cleaner, I may have to try that.
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