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Default Re: Motor bogging at start up low speed

Of course there would be a waiver involved in such a transaction.There are two guys that would like me to build on their bikes on the first of next month when they receive their "disability checks" i told them if they have the bike,i could help them out with a small fee that way they will be learning during the process as well and I'm not reliable for anything else than helping build it up.Alot of kids around here are stopping me asking me the common questions,an personally i wouldn't sell it around here to another kid my age.I am 17 an my town is full of the druggies little thugs running around trying to make the "dough" Before seeing the motorized bike kits,i use to ride motorized bicycle 2000 miles a year an decided what the heck why not put a engine on my current bike (giant,diamondback) I know i could make some serious money around here with the fact that there is nobody else selling these here an because of the gas prices.I'm the type of person that will not give up on helping people an will do things right,eh I also build computers but i just don't have the money to buy components an resell computers or else i would!Well enough about me lol,I appreciate the information guys an will be looking into it thank you
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