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Default Re: a little write up on why routine maitenance shouldnt be put off...

Good to hear you had such an awesome build you could ignore it for that long... maybe one day mine will be "finished" enough for that, but I doubt it.

Ultralight flying made me wicked paranoid about such things o.o

Not to say my bike is 100% (I'm not sure that's even possible lol), but I guess I'm still new enough in this game that I like to spend some time every mornin' tinkering on it and checking things out. I commute on it, so I guess this makes sense. Every weekend I go on a "long" trip (distance is as variable as my attention span), and with that in mind she gets a good preflight before I head out. I'm gonna wear out the threads for the plug, I've had it out so many times checkin' on mix lol

Fact is, I don't trust my bike enough to neglect it - it is after all a highly modified Walmart POS, and a first build to compound the problems o_O

Actually, come to think on it my rear rim may be plotting my overthrow... I need to true that thing meh

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