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Default First day commuting on a ChinaGirl Motorized Bicycle

First day commuting on a ChinaGirl. It of course died as soon as I got into south Hartford. LOL. I had not one tool with me. Had wisely left them on another MB.

Get her home. Remove plug, no spark. Change plug. Change ignition wire. Change CDI, no spark. Open the mag cover. The blue wire is no longer attached to the coil. On closer examination, it looked as though it barely ever was. Swap out the mag. Won't start. Put the spark plug in (Was wondering why it was so easy to peddle with the clutch out) fire her up and she now runs better then she ever has. Was always a bit of a dawg and I just figured that was it. It is a BGF with I think 3K on her. I bought it to beat to death to see how these things hold up. It is at least 2 yrs old and been on at least 2 different bikes.
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