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Default Re: Handlebar vibration solution!

How did that silicone caulk work out? Was there an appreciable difference? I have noticed after long rides a tingling in my hands from the vibration, which on both my Americans seems minor, but after long rides is still a factor. This is not only uncomfortable but I wonder at the long term effect for riders who put a lot of miles on daily, say a hefty commute to and from work. In my part of the world of northern Minnesota there was a time when loggers developed something called "white hand" after long hours day after day running a chain saw. Back then there was more vibration coming through the handle. Over time that breaks down the capillaries in the hands so that there is a blood circulation problem, sometimes pretty bad. The skin tone becomes more white due to the lack of blood and they are always cold from lack of warm blood circulating throughout the hand. My thinking is that the vibration coming through our handlebars could be more than just a minor discomfort, but eventually a major ailment. So while some may think this is no big deal, maybe for long riders it is. Brett, what you described with the rubber bushings sounds similar to the rubber bushings on more modern chainsaws. I know that with your quality builds if your engines walked around you wouldn't use them and I believe you when you say they reduce vibrations. I seem to remember seeing a picture of your mounts, but would appreciate looking again. Do you have a link? Thanks,
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