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Default Re: Assembling Kit strugges!

1. the small sprocket should only turn freely when the clutch is engaged. it'll turn slowly with the wrench and without the clutch due to compression. if the small sprocket doesn't turn, it's probably because the clutch isn't hooked up, or hooked up incorrectly,


2. if the clutch is engaged and you can pedal, then the small sprocket must be turning, otherwise you'd be pedaling against the compression, which you pretty much couldn't.

need more info.

3. throttlegrip might be tightened down too much on the handlebars. did you drill the hole for the little pin? that's a common problem.

or, at the end of the throttle cable, where it goes into the carb, assuming you have the spring, clip, needle, etc. installed correctly, is the slide all the way in the carb? there's a little groove it has to seat into to drop in there.

good luck.

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