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Default Re: Motor bogging at start up low speed

My bike is still up an running almost perfectly,I've notice alot of performance gain after i put in a new tank of gas.Although it is running to rich but the mechanic down the street told me to let it break in and then go about messing with the needle slide if needed to be done..

There is quite a few people here asking me if i could build them a MB.There is nobody else here in town that rides or sells these MB'S an i defiantly could make some good money..So any input for starting to install an sell would be great!I'd rather them furnish their own bike an money up front to order the kit and then i would install it for them for a reasonable fee.Has anyone done anything like that?Would it be possible to do so?If not would i be better off finding cheap/free bikes to install an then advertise them to sell?Any input on this would be great,thanks!
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