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Default Re: Hello from Quebec, Canada

Originally Posted by Nicholas Marker View Post
Hey Everyone, Finally I got it fixed properly and started her up last night. The motor was cold and new, but finally got it started and I was amazed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How fast, quick starting from 0 to 40 Km/h. I just came back from a night ride and had a great time. Even my neighbours are amazed! Two nights and I did 43 km of motor bicycle!

Now I only hope my fun does'nt end with the municipal Police!


You're welcome . It sounds like you're off to a great start. I don't know what your laws are there, but in my area I'm the only one I know of with motorbicycles, so I have gone out of my way to be sure that I follow traffic rules, wear a helmet (I would anyway), have lights which run off my motor so they are always on... headlight, tail light and brake light. I signal turns by hand. I also watch my speed. When I'm back home in the forest I let it rip, but still try to be considerate to drivers, people walking their dogs, other bikers. I am aware how precarious motorbicycling is at this stage. I want the local cops to have a favorable impression of this new thing because there are going to be more motorbicycles everywhere and even here in the Superior National Forest since I'm going to start selling my builds. Every person I sell to I am going to give print outs on safety and will have signs in my shop promoting safe riding, wear a helmet, light up the bike and be seen, all that so that maybe around here it will get off to a good start and maybe we can avoid punitive regulations which are cropping up in some places by local legislatures. The short of it is, if the cops see you are being responsible in your riding they are less likely to hassle you. It helps in my case that I am older, usually have a kiddie trailer behind with my dog in it and an American flag waving from the trailer mast. Yes, officer, I am a good citizen. Law abiding, too.
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