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Default Re: Who can be first?

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
i was thinking of going for the old ATC thumb throttle. they're super cheap on Ebay. i kinda want to be able to hold onto my bars all the time. i hate hitting bumps at speed and getting squirrely with my throttle.
Which is exactly why spring loaded twist grip throttles were invented. Gripping the handlebars with a full hand is the best way to have control of your bike. Sharing the duties of throttling and steering isn't the best. I've also seen where guys use a click shifter for a throttle. They say its like having cruise control. In my opinion that's an accident waiting to happen. I want my engine to go to idle when I let go of the grip, not have to reach for and move a lever. You wouldn't do that on a car or motorcycle; why would anyone do that on a motorized bicycle?

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