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Default Re: Planning in Vermont

I slide the brake lever in and have the full length lever just about horizontal, then I have the clutch at a forty five degree angle and where the brake used to be clamped.

This way I can "two finger" the brakes and pull the clutch in simultaneously. The space between the lever mounts is for whenever I manage to find clamp on mirrors that I actually like lol There is a dual brake lever available from some of the dealers, but I'm picky and like individual control with front and rear brakes. I rarely use the rear for example.

But I ride hard and there's interesting terrain around here, some like having a coaster brake... some have only a coaster...

I would die

edit: A handy tip I got here btw is that bit o'old inner tube on my grip, the clutch lock pin leaves much to be desired and that chunk of inner tube holds the clutch in nicely for those long pedal-powered rides (I shut down the engine in town usually).

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