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Default Re: Question for the high milers

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Kev, do you have a friction drive? I only have chain drives and get thousands (literally 2 or 3K miles) After reading this I checked my wally world MoonDawg wheels and both are fine and have lots of tread left. I am thinking maybe you just got a bad one? 200 miles would be a big time bummer! Please post the results of your next one. I, and I am sure many would like to know. 200Ms really is crazy low.
Nope, just a chain drive. Funny thing is the front still has the nubs on the edges of the tread. Would have went with Wally world replacements but none of them around here have whitewalls and their "cruiser" tire is only 1.75".

Like the looks of these "brick" tires and the fact that the tire is more rounded, the ones I have now have a sharp edge to the tread and it always made me nervous going around corners at speed.
When I was a kid I'd come across a "slick" that I had on the back of my 20" bike, that thing was flat as a board and wouldn't corner at all but it sure looked cool. lol
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