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Default Re: NOOB ALERT: Questions for starting out..

Grubee Skyhawk from Bikeberry or Spookytooth!

I've got a "Black Stallion" from King's and a Grubee from Bikeberry (another Grubee comin' from Spooky)...

Night and day ******* difference I tell you, the King's one was scratched, dented, and very poorly cast and all the components (like carb) are the lowest quality of these kits.

While the Grubee is no Mercedes, it is much nicer all around and many of the components are better - like having the correct carb properly jetted for the 66cc for one, instead of just a 49cc carb thrown into the box to "complete" the kit.

Also a tip, if you want a black kit - get an unpainted one and paint it yourself. Not only are these paint jobs done in a hurry (drips, overspray, etc) but I suspect they take the worst looking motors with gobby casts, dents, and scratches and paint them to try and make them look better.

If you take your time with light, multiple coats while the engine is off the bike you'll have a FAR better finish.

After all, you love your bike, they're just tryin' to sell the dang things lol and it's just a $20 dollar difference after all, the 6 month warranty outa be worth that much

Besides, I'm pretty sure the Black Stallion "80cc" isn't $119 anymore, I think they cost the same as a Grubee now...

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