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Default Re: Motor bogging at start up low speed

Between the CDI box and engine magneto: Wire it black (mag.) to black (CDI) to black (kill button) all 3 together.
Blue (mag.) to blue (CDI) to red (kill button) all 3 together.
The white wire is for powering a simple lighting system. 3 amps maximum power draw.
If you are not planning on using it, tape it off so it will not touch anything else.

It is thought to be best to not use the kill button on the handlebar because all it does is short out the magneto to shut the engine off. It is better to use a toggle switch arrangement of your choice between the blue wires to connect and disconnect them.

On a side note:
Some folks wire the white wire as a kill wire. That shorts out the magneto as well. Not good, it will eventually cook the wires inside the magneto.
Sadly, some of the instructions show the white wire as a kill wire. That is not correct either.
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