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Default Re: New Guy in MidWest

wow thank you! i will give that a swing. i guess that when that Rod in the middle of the lil sprocket behind the clutch release cover............ should be pressed in to present a type of nuetral for the chain??????? I have greased the lil Shaft in the cover for the sprocket,,,, but the shape of it(the Shaft attached to cable) has me see that the maybe the Rod in sprocket should extrude out for "nuetral".... because the lil Shaft looks to be cut to where no pressure to Rod until i pull cable. I am just throwing all this out ,,, now that i have someone giving me good guide suggestions. if clutch works all i need now is a longer chain for the stretch cruiser i built!!!!!!! I bought extra chain links at Lowes that look exact size of original BUT i guess 41(the size) is not the exact size or the factory size of my i guess i'm a 40???? wellll i cant fing my chain size at any scooter or motorcycle shop!!!!!!!!!!!!! YET
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