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Default Re: Motor bogging at start up low speed

well..if that's the case, then that apparently isn't the issue that's causing the hang up...

So at this point, it's probably an electrical issue.. I got the throttle to move freely via lubing the wire/throttle assembly... The spark plug has a light coating af black muck and the exhaust is dripping what appears to be carbonized gas, which is confusing to me b/c if it IS a lack of spark, then why carbonization? Could it be remnant from the alleged test run Grubee gives their motors before leaving the factory?

idle pin is at 3.5 turns

air intake is at max (lever down)

fuel is the 1:100 Opti-2 that everyone seems to dig here..

upon releasing clutch, I get the putting whir of the motor, but absolutely no acceleration whatsoever, then it craps out after 3-4 seconds.

that's the set up and the symptoms...
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