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Default Re: New Guy in MidWest

The clutch in alot of these engines will seize up from sitting in storage for months on end. This is the most common problem with clutches on brand new engines.
It is easy to un stick though.
Remove the clutch release cover, the one held on with 3 screws that is over the engine sprocket.
You may need a simple hand impact driver to do so.
After you get it removed you will see the clutch release shaft sticking out from the center of the engine sprocket. Hit this shaft once with a hammer to loosen up the clutch plates.
Do not hit it so hard as to knock it into next week. Just one good strike will do fine.
While you have it apart it is a very good idea to pull out the release shaft and the single ball bearing behind it (you may need a magnet to get the ball bearing out). Apply a good dab of axle grease to the hole they came out of, put in the ball bearing, add another dab of grease in the hole and put in the release shaft. The factory does not use enough grease when they assemble these engines.

Re attach the clutch release cover, tighten the screws securely, and the clutch should work fine.
If not, let us know and we can guide you further into other possibilities.
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