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Default Re: I just built my first bike in St. Louis!

so i just tried the original spark plug (I had bought a new one cause I heard the original one is crap), I cut the black and yellow wires from the kill switch, primed the engine by holding down the primer button for 2-3 seconds, opened the fuel valve, pulled the clutch handle in, pedaled downhill, released the clutch handle, and got the same thing as yesterday... Just puah...puah...puah...puah...etc. I continued to pedal till I had to stop cause of the end of the road... and NOTHING!
I then went down a small decline for about .2 miles while pedaling with the clutch handle out hearing the puah...puah... and still nothing.
After being exhausted by this (also I have the flu so I am not really in a fit state to do this right now, but whatever), I stopped and felt the muffler... it was still cold. I then felt the engine block and it was warmer... not hot by any means, but warmer...
Please advise me... Thanks in advance. -chris
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