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Originally Posted by Bushpig View Post
P.s, I'm one of the few that would have done a back flip to have an old MG.
Well, then, I know you will be familiar with my very first car, a used Austin Healy 3000 roadster... the one with the Plexiglas side curtains rather than the roll up windows. Loved that car and still have dreams about it sometimes forty some years later. My oldest brother took it without my OK it to a drag strip on amateur night and ran it through a chain link fence. It got hurt all over, poor thing. I think that's why he gave me the MGTD later to make ammends. That first TD was a right hand side drive and took some getting used to. I had so much fun doing that over, rebuilt the motor, replaced the wiring which had been torn out, redid the brakes, gave it a lacquer paint job with a little electric paint sprayer, rubbing between the coats and taking forever. Looking back I am impressed with myself for what I did without knowing how until I was done. Then I got two more MGTD s, both left hand drive. Sold them and bought an MGA coupe without an engine which was pretty rare at least here in the US. Lost that one in a divorce. But the Healy is the one still in my heart. I guess your first car is like your first real love. You never forget. In similar spirit I doubt I'll ever sell my first china girl driven American Flyer. We've been through a lot together, me the dog and that bike, well over a thousand miles. It's like an old friend. Wish I still had one of those sweet British sports cars.
Ah well, all water under the bridge I suppose.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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