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Originally Posted by Bushpig View Post
Silverbear...An Argo is a six or eight wheeled "truly" all terrain, utility vehicle, look one up on the web. Roller chain is a type of chain used in drivetrain or driveline applications, ie , your bicycle chain.
Ah, now I know what an Argo is. The business with the roller chain and my thinking it was something new to me reminds of an experience I had about forty years ago as a young man. My oldest brother was owed some money by a guy he new who was leaving town and paid off his debt by giving my brother a half way torn apart MGTD sports car, 1951 if I remember right. A lot of people at that time looked down their noses at British sports cars with their "little" four and six cylinder engines and my brother wanted nothing to do with it. So he gave it to me so that I could learn something by doing, which I did. First thing up was to buy a shop manual, written in British English, of course, with strange names for some things, like calling the hood a bonnet, the trunk a boot, etc. I was studying hard the section of the manual on repairing the brakes and came across a reference to needing a certain size "spanner" to do the job properly. Hmmm, a spanner. I didn't have a lot of tools, just basic stuff like screwdrivers and wrenches, ratchet and sockets. So, I called up some auto places and asked if they had any spanners in stock. They didn't know what they were. I was getting frustrated and read the manual some more. I thought I'd go ahead as best I could and just wing it. I looked at what I needed a spanner for and thought, I bet I could do that with a wrench and I did, too. It was much later that I discovered a spanner was a wrench in Brit. Ha... So now I know I'm using roller chain on my bike. I never heard it referred to that way. Now I know. Thanks. Good luck with your ride. It has been warm of late here in northern Minnesota and there have been bugs in the air which sting my face as I ride. I keep my mouth shut, so no need for flossing after I shut the motor off. Cold weather is coming soon, so every day calls for a serious ride until the axe falls. As Ezra Pound wrote,
"Winter is a cumin in
lude sing, "Goddamn"!
Raineth drop and staineth slop and how the wind doth ram,
Sing Goddamn...
So as Dax is fond of saying, "Enjoy the ride".
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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