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Default AmIevL - first build with PICS

Yeah, this is my first build. I'm 35 and back in college. Wanted to NOT pay for another parking permit or deal with parking on campus so I decided to get a bike. Knew I couldn't pedal my chubs up the hills around here and make it too class. Plus I always wanted to do this, even when I was a kid
It ended up being a bit of a pain to build, but it made it even sweeter when I got it running
These forums have been a HUUUGE help!!!

My Bike is a 26" Schwinn Sidewinder... I bought it knowing it would be a tight fit with the motor. I did look at the demensions, what I didn't think about was the angles HEHE
I was about to give up on it to be honest and started looking at a cruiser... BUT I could tell that the wife was gonna beat me if I bought ANOTHER new bike.
The bike has a Massive front tube, I knew I would prolly end up drilling it. No mater how I tried tho, I had no room for the spark plug or the carb. The fit was so tight that I had to pull the saddle off the rear mount. I used some strips of inner-tube and built up a bumper between the seat post and the engine. This let me drop it down enough for the spark plug to clear with a short stubby plug. I had to use a brass 45 extension on the intake to let the carb clear the frame. Its just rigged on there for now, till I get a proper replacement.
Because the angle of the engine, and rear fork shape I had a little chain clearance issue.
I had to use the chain tension pulley on top. Not what I wanted to do, but it does work. I am ordering another pulley, then I'll use top for clearance, and button more for tension ? Either way, I have plans for a spring loaded tension thing anyway. Right now I just wanted to get it together and running. I will refine and retune it as I go.
I got a speedo yesterday and in total I put 20 miles on the bike. Rode quite a bit for 2 days before as well. She is broke in and here in a bit I am putting in my first tank of regular mix fuel.
Anyway, great to be a member here, I am already planning my next bike
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