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Default Re: Tire Life on Friction Drive

Originally Posted by ut1205 View Post
I just finished my first gallon of gas on my Stanton R/S friction drive bike. Got 115 miles on the gallon of gas. It will probably improve some since the engine has gone throught the "Break In" period but due to the hills around here it probably won't be much better but I am satisfied. It is only a little more than twice what my Prius averages.

I am concerned with tire wear. Everytime I ride I notice alot of black dust on the engine and rear of bike. In about 90 miles on this tire, other than the "casting ridge" in the middle of the tire, I can't tell that there is a whole lot of wear but there is no way I will get the 1500 miles that BMP says you can get. The original tires were 40 psi max and it was like pedaling a tank. I am running 65 psi on the new tires and effort is alot lower.

Has anyone gone throught one or more tires on this setup? How many miles did you get between changes?
I went through about 20 tires back in my friction phase. With a "round file" roller like BMP it was possible to ride in the rain (barely) but tires wear in 100-200 miles. With smooth iron pipe wet riding was totally impossible but tire lasts 400-600 miles. I get a couple thousand miles from the same tire on my current chain drive HTs.
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