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Default Re: Motor bogging at start up low speed

Originally Posted by AaronF View Post
Well the best i can describe the bogging would be well basically..When i slow down slowly to say 3-4MPH my whole bike will shake rapidly including myself an also when i start to rev up to go.I've been doing daily checkups on the mounting an bolt checks making sure everything is in place so that's all good.I'm still not sure weather my mixing ratio is close to being accurate,I filled the mixer up to 8o.z as recommend on the 2 cycle oil bottle and then mixed in with 1 gallon of gas..One other thing i have noticed when i am at a slow speed,there is a whirling sound coming from the drive side of the motor.I am sorry for all the questions and needing advise,I have tried so hard to get my second kit going the right way this time unlike the first engine kit that's just sitting here doing nothing!I'll be heading over to the auto store tomorrow to pick up the spark plug gapper tool,boot plug an the 7mm wire that is suggested.
ok dude my bike and everyone i know does the same thing... its 100% normal
Your basicly bunny hopping ya bike as the speed your traveling is less than what your motor or the ignition system can handle ie the cdi wont spark evenly at that speed.
You can hear that sound because your going so slow, im sure it gets louder as speed increases but because of the added motor noise you cannot here it again its normal.
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