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Default Re: NOOB ALERT: Questions for starting out..

Originally Posted by SamaraS View Post
Get a 66cc RAW from zone8 least they come with a 6 month warranty.... what ever you do DO NOT order from gas bike or the other company that owns them....kings i believe, youll only get screwed if you do....speaking from personal experience! good luck!
I have to agree about ordering a kit with someone that has a good warranty like zone8 or,but I dont totally agree about gasbike(kings)....I have always ordered my engines from thatsdax and he has always done me right,but when it comes to a replacement engine I have gone with boygofast and the engine is ony 55bucks,so cheap that it cost next to nothing if the engine goes bad....I dont have to send it back and wait for a new one....I just make a order for 55 dollors and have another engine within a week or less....Now when it comes to a compete engine kit I would have to say go with zone8 the Raw engine or for the customer service and total product quality of all the accesory parts,clutch,throttle etc....Just my 2cents....
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