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Default I just built my first bike in St. Louis!

So like the title states, I just finished building my first bike in St. Louis... Not that I have ever built one anywhere else either! I bought a JET SILVER 80CC motor kit from eBay for 110.00, and just got started! The instructions were frustrating as ever, but I think I managed pretty well....

I finished assembly at about 1pm, and gave up getting it started at about 7:30pm... If there is anyone who can let me know exactly how to get it started PLEASE help!!!!

I would not be ashamed to say that step-by-step instructions would be much appreciated. I am not an idiot by any means about engines or cars... or even motorcycles, but I have never even seen a motorized bicycle until I got mine together, if you can believe that!!!

Anyhow, any help would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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