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Default Re: NOOB ALERT: Questions for starting out..

Well first off the handlebars gotta go(I wouldnt us them anyways) I like a more solid bike for my builds....It might just be fine,but never tried it with those skinny wheels and tires....If im not mistaken kingsmotorbikes is boygofast,someone can correct me if im wrong....I bought a engine from boygofast and have had no problems with it so far(still in the break in period)....from there I have heard good and bad about both....It what everyone calls a crapshoot around could get lucky and get a great engine or a bad one,the the thing is customer service....If you get a bad motor you want to be able to exchange it and have someone that will take care of you like will take care of any problem you may have....I have not bought from zone8cycling but they offer a 6month warranty on there Raw engine for 148.00 shipped to your door....I talked to bikeberry on the phone and they told me they have the 6 month warranty but if any thing is wrong with your engine you have to tear it down and find the part that is wrong with it and they would send you the new part....I thought no way,that is not a warranty if I have to tear the engine down I will just buy somewere else....That was the end of the conversation I had with the guy....He might have been new and didnt know what he was talking about....
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