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Default Does anyone else......

keep a bicycle that is all set up for the China Girl Engine. Where all
you have tov do is change the engine out to break in. My break-in
bicycle is set up with the clam shell adapter and 40 tooth sprocket.
I just pull one engine off and clamp another one on. To me it seems
alot easier because you can concentrate on just breaking your engine
in. Today I swaped out one engine and put on a Gurbee Gt-5 66cc.
I peddle about 5 strokes and the engine fired up and idled good with
a old style carburetor with a resized jet. I just keep on going and did
a seven mile run, while going back and forth between 5mph and 15
mpg. To my surprise there was no engine vibration and it ran real good
for just starting a break-in. The motor I removed now I can concentrate
on another bike build knowing the engine is broke-in and running good
and all Ihave to worry about is tweeking another carburetor and the bicycle
I accidently won a bid on a Jet Silver 80cc slant head from power king
shop off of flea bay with no warranty and no support but the price was
really reasonable with free shipping. I want to get the Gt-5 Gurbee broke in
so I can break the flea-bay engine in as soon as it arrives.
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