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Default Re: TollyFab MK2 MOD01 - first bike

Originally Posted by T0lly View Post
Test ride results:
Chain tensioner is working great, everything feels tight, low vibes.
Carb is going to take some work to get dialed in. Cannot get to idle for more than 5 seconds. Acceleration is quick to 10 MPH, then drops off. Hard to find right throttle placement. Wide open bogs it down, about 1/3 throttle seems to be a sweet spot.
Speed; 29 MPH steady on level ground, moderate incline 24MPH, steep hill it couldn't do it.
I got up to 33MPH going down a hill and had to back it off.
It may be the long intake causing the idle and throttle response issue. I will have to tune it a bit more before I am ready for the ride to work (15 miles).
Overall I am very happy with it.
I suggested the intake as being too long earlier in this thread.......hope you figure it out...

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