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Default Re: TollyFab MK2 MOD01 - first bike

On first ride the engine had shifted, then stock mounts need some help, plus the bottom tube on this frame is an odd shape and they do not conform well. I shaped the front engine mount with a grinder to match the frame contour, then welded tabs to the frame for a more secure mounting.

Made a muffler bracket, slotted holes for adjustment.

The cheap and bad fitting spark plug wire has to go. The boot is a plastic peice and doesn't fir worth a darn, it was screaming "I am going to fail soon". Autozone and Orielly had not universal plug boots or wire kits, so I bought a cheap wire set for 4 cyl car. Has 8mm wire and good boots. Easy as unscrewing the old wire from CDI box and insert new. I shaved the end of the 8mm wire to fit easier.
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