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Default Re: What kind of bike would you recommend?

Originally Posted by fall_down_stand_up View Post
Ya I love my moondog,its a solid bike,I changed out my fenders within the first few months to super solid chrome balloon fenders with double hangers on them....I am on my labtop I bought today(super deal used)and the site for the chrome springer forks is on my favorites on my girlfriends computer....I will look it up on her comp tomorrow and send you the link,I think they are around 30bucks,super cheap for chrome springer forks....Man I really dont know if I should have bought this laptop....That would have been 2whole engine kits from thatsdax,or 1 kit and a new red shwinn from wal-mart....I would of had a complete new bike setting in the drive way.....Ya it would be cool if we lived closer,We could get on our moon dogs and start a gang(the green machine's)or the apple dumpling gang lol....eather would work haha....

LOLOLOL. "Green apple dumpling Gang" spit beer on that one. funny. way, way off topic ( I know) was at last years East coast rally. Was all Whizzers and 4 stokes. As I rode back from lunch on a Point Beach/2 smoke holding the gas tank up with my knee, I was singing at the top of my lungs (the guts to my muffler had fallen out and drowned me out) "Born to be mild!"

there was rum involved
worst apocalypse ever
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