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Default Re: 1 gallon tank and paint

Originally Posted by Kevlarr View Post
Especially if you've already put gas in it!

Most spray paints have to cure for a few days before they really are dry and will resist gas.

If you have a hobby shop around get some fuel proof flat black paint. If it'll hold up to alcohol and nitro it'll hold up to gas and 2 cycle oil.

BTW, if you have a garage and 220 going to it an old electric stove works great to bake powder coat.
That's interesting regarding the old electric stove. I'm picturing building something larger say out of firebrick... a kind of oven/kiln large enough to fit in a bicycle frame suspended by wire from the four corners of the oven... use the heating element and controls from the original stove. Would that work, do you think? Powder coat sure is nice.
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