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Default Re: New here. couple questions + thinking of buying parts, then selling bike?

2 funny. I built my first motorized bicycle using a hammer and nail to break the chain. (I have since bought a chain breaker but now use a bigger hammer, lol) aside from that,

Rubber mallets come in handy. A socket and Allen wrench set. Some of the cheap cased tool sets will have almost every thing you need. 2, 10MM wrenches. (One that ratchets really helps!) Locktite and Muffler Sealer. I keep a cheap bike tool with me when I ride. Has almost all you need for road side "just get me home" bike repairs and and is compact.

Just a thought. I wouldn't sell ChinaGirl MotorBikes until at least I had built a few, destroyed a couple and knew first hand how much a toll these kits take on a bike. It is a lot. I am not trying dissuade you. But could end up costing you money or getting some one hurt if some thing is over looked.
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