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Default Re: AMPT Frames?

Originally Posted by fall_down_stand_up View Post
Here is a site with bikes with built in gas tanks real pricey at 450.00(with instant 100.00 off coupon)But I bet if you contact them they would be willing to just sell you a frame....This bike has the front shocks,44 tooth sprocket already installed,heavy duty 12 gauge rims (that cost at least 175.00 a set alone to replace any standard cruiser style bike)etc,etc, the list goes on

GT2 Bike [GT 2] - $550.00 :, Star-Fire Motors and Parts

My bike #4 was built on a GT2 bike from these guys. I have to say I am VERY pleased with the quality of the bike. I don't know if you can buy just the frame or not but buying the entire kit is well worth the money in my opinion. The wheels have heavy duty spokes and the drive sprocket is mounted to the HUB, not the spokes. I felt compelled to remove the rear drum brake as being unnecessary (there's also a V-Brake on the rear) but if you do this, leave the actual drum on the wheel as it serves to secure the drive sprocket carrier.
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