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Smile We're hooked!!!!

These are pics of our bikes, Her's is the one with the green. We are not rich people and want all to know that this is a great hobby for those of limited funds. We have a way to go with upgrades to saddle bags and the such. Enjoy these awsome rides ( motorized bikes ) as we are all being held ramsome with the gas prices. I started off with the 80 cc and built the 49 cc for my wife. The 49cc i got from ebay and it needed a little of care before riding due to what i learned on this forum. I had to remove and clean the head and cylinder as there were fillings on the piston from threading the spark plug hole. The coil was rubbing on the stator so i used the business card trick i picked up here. It has a forward pointing spark plug which is a bonus if you have a female frame with a bar that is lower at the seat.To make a long story short from Cruiser to Dax I have gotten a great deal of knowledge here on these forums. These guys have a fountain of info for all of us to learn from. I have been rebuilding small engines for 25 years and have gotten stuck on a simple problem as a slipping clutch, which they have helped me with. What I did notice though is the 49cc gave a much nicer, smoother ride which my wife appreciated, but if you live in a hilly part of the country you would rather the larger engine i have. I can't say enough about either of them but it's a great feeling of accomplishment to build and ride something you built with your two hands.

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