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Default Re: Use synthetic oil for new 66cc engine break in?

Originally Posted by hotrodbrothers View Post
i broke in my engine at 16-1 on synthetic with no problems after 3 tanks it has tons of power (even does wheelies now that i put a slant head on it) i will be moving to 25-1 for my next tank i had no idea that you could run these things with as little as 100-1 mix that is just crazy to me
I used a mix of 16:1 Pennzoil for the initial gallon....backed off and went with 32:1 Pennzoil again....a lot less smoke and a lot more far so good...."The Scream" is working quite well....I have few if any hills here ..( Florida )....but the ones I do encounter aren't an issue whatsoever....after letting the bike sit for a couple days and go out and fire it up all I have to do is pedal it ...say...30 feet...pop the clutch....fires right the time I'm at the corner of the road I drop the choke off and man does this b*tch synthetic at all.....this is my first build and a complete learning experience....I was told ..( by RedB66 )....and have also read....that each bike and kit is different....expect the unexpected......

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