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Default Re: Jackshaft Kit U-bolts

There is no link to a newspaper article as it did not make it into the newspaper.
In the city of Melbourne (Australia) you only make it into the news paper if you are driving 5 miles over the speed limit, ok, not 5 miles, but 20 miles (30 kilometers) over the limit will get you in the newspaper especially if it's on a motorised bicycle - the roads authority wants a complete ban on liquid fuelled bicycles and any assisted bicycle that travells over 20 kilometers per hour (15 miles an hour).

The story was graphicly conveyed to me by the seller of the Chinese engine kits in my area.

I wear a full face motorbike helmet and motorbike jacket with armour and steel capped boots when on my motorised bicycle.
Those bicycle helmets are a complete joke and a waste of money - they don't protect your head in any real way as the straps allow the helmet to move about on your head with a decent impact; just rotating out of the way and your head takes all the force.

Yes, the motorbike clothing is heavy and uncomfortable but i value my safety and won't compromise on it.

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