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Originally Posted by Bushpig View Post
Hello fellow "Bike" lovers, I aquired one of these Gems a couple of years ago.
My "Hardley Davidson" alas, has spit her chain, destroying a few links. I have
been looking all over town for connector links and offsets, without any luck.
I have read in your forum here about people using #41 or #42 to repair their old 415
chain, am I missing something here??? I have tried every different combination, to
no avail, Too wide, pin diameter too small, ect. Winters on its way and I'd love to get
some more bugs in the teeth, any suggestions???
I don't think people repair their old 415s with #41 chain. I believe it is one or the other. Why not just order a new chain? In a few days you'll have it an be on the road again. Check the vendors on this page and I'm sure you'll find links and new chain. Many peo;e here say the #41 is better than the stock 415. dI can't say that I've had any trouble with stock chain on several builds. One has over a thousand miles on the same chain. Is there a farm and tractor supply business in your area? You should be able to get #41 that way if it is your preference. Even here in northern Minnesota the motorbicycling weather is coming to a close pretty soon. Another month and if real lucky a bit more than that and it will be snow time and too cold to enjoy a bike. Get that chain, man! Autumn is just about the best riding there is.
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