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Default Re: ultralight/moped anyone?

As for the gentleman who said he knows more about aviation than any of us....well, I'm not here to argue but I did my time in the Air Force, did a little commercial stuff afterwards and I have a couple of hours hauling cargo around the Caribbean. I think its safe to say that I too know a little about aircraft and aviation in general. What the young man is venturing to build is, a bit dangerous, questionably useful and unique in design, but it's not impossible. Expensive? Somewhat, given the engineering and materials that would need to go into it. Its the kind of project that maybe a university or a well funded private organization might undertake but probably out of reach today for a high school student working on his own. I'll be the very last person to tell him to forget it. How many times in history can you think of that pioneers in various fields have been told that, ridiculed and shunned by so-called experts. My advice would be for him to garner all the aviation knowledge he can get while he's young, throw in a little engineering and design experience and to not give up on his dream, if that is in fact what it is.
Good luck, young man. And let us know if someday that motorized bicycle/ultralight leaves Mother Earth. I'd personally like to be there when it does.
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