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Default can i attach the acceleograph throttle to road bike handlebars?


Im new to the forums, but to motorized bikes. ive been drooling over some spookytooth bikes for about a year now and ive decided to go the diy route, and save some scratch.

I was just wondering if it was possible to convert a road bike into an MB. More specifically would i have trouble attaching the acceleograph throttle onto the road bikes handlebar?

the bike im getting tomorrow has the drop down handlebar design, if that makes sense. i tried posting a a link but i have to be an active member first.

if you want to check out the bike, google: vista cruiser schwinn bike southjersey craigslist

i appreciate any help, the quicker the responses the better! im getting the bike tomorrow and want to know if i should go an alternate route for the chosen bike
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