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Lightbulb supercycle 7500

Hey everone my name is andrew and i'd like to share with you my experince with my moterized bike .
Well first off when i decovered that there was a such a thing as one i wanted one . i started working at a bikeshop and i was orgainizeing all the invotory and used bikes there was over 400 bike in this guys basment at his store it was crazy all different types mostly really old ones .. gold mine as he called it . well i seen that moterized bike i thought now that is really cool i want it after a 2 weeks pay i bought it for 150 all is needed was a cables tires and barings so that 150$$ turned in to 200i thought i couled live with that then more stuff went on it the breather cracked and the throttle cable went then i lost the little baring in the clucth .. lol just little things that piss you off .. . i slightly motifided the muffer so is goes unger my bottom bracket . then my top jug blows just after i get a new chain and chain tensher so that brings me up to anouther 150 just to get it fixed at a small engine shop well i get it back today and i hop it work as plaind .. i thinking of putting on a different frame for a new start .

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