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Default Re: Use synthetic oil for new 66cc engine break in?

Originally Posted by cyclepro101 View Post
Just use 1:100 Opti-2 from the start.

I put 8 miles on my new motor yesterday using pennzoil non synthetic....Then after all the rave about opti-2 I called the company up and he told me it is for brand new motors and for break in....So I went down to the hardware store and bought a pouch 1.8oz and by my calculations it is around 71:1 ratio with on gallon....I was not that brave so I put 3/4 of a gallon in my can and added the 1.8oz opti-2....Now if im right that is a ratio of about 50:1....I put 1.5 miles on her before it got dark and was having a panic attack the whole know hearing engine sounds that I was amaganing....I have been not driving over 15mph....Im going to take her out in the next hour and do a 5 mile drive and see how she does in this texas heat....Wish me luck and pray for my new little china girl....I would hate to have to do another mail order bride to replace her lol....
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