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No I haven't had any problems. But I have been working in Mexico for 20 yrs and I used to ride my mountain bike so they are used to me riding across and just ask me questions like where did you get that, how many miles to the gallon, how fast can you go. One thought it was a 1890 motorcycle and said does the motor still run, they haven't made those for many years. I don't do any highway travel just in Agua Prieta and Douglas. So far not one cop has said anything to me. I kill the motor when I get to the port of entry and ride up pedalling. Some times a new agent doesn't even know it has a motor. Then take off and start the motor. There are a lot of people going through the port on bicycles and you don't have to wait in the hour long line. Just go up to the gate and go through. All the guys at the port of entry think it's great.
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