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Default Re: ultralight/moped anyone?

Originally Posted by TerraPilot View Post
Justthisguy, you are bout to become just this other statistic. Its been done to death. I know more about what it takes to fly than any other person on this thread. If you knew what I know you would place your lips to the ground and plant one big juicy kiss there. Know that if you continue along your present course you have but one more kiss and that will be when the mother earth kisses your ass goodbye. Drop the subject until you've learned considerably more.
I hope I'm not too blunt. I also know the Wright brothers better than anyone else here too. Someone forgot to mention the Wrights had a catapult for take offs. Thats another design issue in itself, you know?
Not to rattle a cage - but man, yeah... this was a bit too blunt o_O

If it wasn't for enthusiasm and a willingness to go out on a limb like justthisguy's, none of us woulda strapped these 2smokers to our bikes - let alone anyone inventing the airplane. I think we were doing a fine job of pointing out safe, viable alternatives... whereas your post seemed focused on just shooting him down.

Some of the things I dearly love about this forum are the creative spirit, the general friendliness, and most of all - encouragement.

I admit this is a bit trivial - but how the **** do you know "more about what it takes to fly than any other person on this thread" - particularly given this was your second post ever on this forum? You haven't the slightest idea whom you're referring to, for all you know - I could be a direct descendant of good ol' Orville himself...

Ultralight flying is primarily home builds, most if not all the pilots experiment with their planes and quite a few build from scratch, myself included. While we warned him that it would be better to start with a proven engine/airframe design, even linked a few possibilities - we didn't try to just get him to "Drop the subject".

There's actually quite a LOT of crossover between motorized bicycles and ultralights, both are home builds & usually kits - necessitating quite a bit of "creativity", both are usually 2 strokes and all of the idiosyncrasies that go along with them, both are very sensitive to design alterations yet have endless possibilities.

I for one was quite enjoying this thread, please keep your buzzkill to yourself kthx

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