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Default Re: MoPOD Riding Apparatus: 1st MB Build

Originally Posted by A_DangerrX View Post
The attached pictures are of my 1st kit build. I put a 50cc china kit on an old British Hercules 3-speed bike. It was a little tricky because of the archaic frame and non-standard sized bolts and such, but I made it work. I had to bash the exhaust pipe around a lot to make it fit between the frame and the pedals... shabby results are shown. Not that noticeable from a distance, I suppose. Overall I was quite satisfied, although I modified the wiring a bit after the original pics were taken, as shown in the second two (the little unit I made with the on/off switch). The on/off switch later got moved to a more convenient position under the seat.

For paint I used Rustoleum in rattle cans. The frame is painted with a dark gray hammered-texture paint, and the ornate tubing connectors in a bright brass color. They have this stuff out with metal flakes in it that looks pretty damn good. I painted the cranks with it and it has held up to this day (though now the bike is in pieces and I'm busy putting the motor on the MoPOD Mk. II).

Comments are appreciated; I'm using a similar aesthetic approach to the new bike, so any suggestions or remarks about the old one are useful!

(Afterthought: MoPOD stands for Motor and Pedal Operated Drive. The full name of the bike was the MoPOD Riding Apparatus. I find unnecessarily long and complex names amusing.)
How did the texture come out with the paint. I didn't seem to notice it much but sometimes pics are deceiving. I've been experimenting with bedliner myself and so far, I've enjoyed the results.
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