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Default Re: Striping paint off and seal bare metal?

Originally Posted by eomonkeyboi24 View Post
I used aircraft grade paint stripper. Don't breath it in and also wear gloves. You can find it at carquest or many hardware stores. The lacquer finish should be fine just used a few coats to make sure you got it all. Its fun to watch the paint being lifted off the bike. Steel wool is great for getting the lifted paint off the frame. I'd have to thank leftywoody AND terronthesnake for all this info.

Here's a pic of my paint stripping in action.

You're right on with the Aircraft remover. Auto stripper does the same. You gotta let it set for a while and dry a bit. Then, instead of steel wool, I use a wire wheel attached to a drill. Then I spray again and repeat. A word of warning though, the ease of this process largely depends on what type of paint you're removing. The kit gas tank has some real tough paint on it. I had a huffy frame that basically shrugged the stripper off. By stripper, I mean paint remover.
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