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Originally Posted by restapukin View Post
That inescapable blue acrid unpleasant smoke that bespeaks all kinds of dirty combustion is gone. The STIGMA of the 2-stroke. Take away the smoke ... what can I tell you? ... It's uncanny. <Smoke> <GONE> .....(gone!)..... It's like a whole new class of internal combustion engine just because of the low to zero smoke factor.
For the past few years I've been using cheapest Walmart Marine oil at 50:1 and there is zero smoke. Quite a contrast to some of the guys I did bikes for pulling into my yard with 32:1 or even 20:1. I can follow their trail for miles all the way back to where they live.

Let's not even mention those who follow the manuals 16:1. Which is for those in china where 2 stroke oils are rare so they use motor oil. Sometimes drained from their car.

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