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The 100:1 opti-2 seems to run very similarly (well) in all-round performance & perhaps slightly better at low revs... my mixture has been showing perfect plug colour ... maybe just a little too perfect, ie the clean colour made me nervous that a tad richer on the mixture might be safer in the long run ... so the slightly smoother low-rpm torque feel that i got as an initial impression may well be a result of the slight mixture richening that a 100:1 oil ratio gives.

And the exhaust smells pretty good with incense/pharmaceutical notes and none of the old blue smoke, more of a slight mist that disperses to transparency very easily.

Seems great so far but but i can't recommend the stuff on the basis of a mere half hour run of course.
But I will be continuing the trial @100:1, there are simply no signs or symptoms to make me want to back out at this stage. Good so far.

That was my first impression; I've now burned a couple of litres or so of 100:1 Opti-2 - say 50 miles worth.

Very good results. This is a clean, clean burning mixture that helps the engine fire nice and crisply. Whip the head off and the oily/waxy feel of the cylinder wall gives confidence of lubrication-with-a-margin-of-strength-in-reserve.

100:1 Opti-2 .... I hate coming here like I want to plug a product, but what is absolutely wonderful about this stuff is the lack of smoke. It's all kinds of explicitly wonderful, what a lack of smoke does for the humble 2-stroker.

2-Smoker no more. That inescapable blue acrid unpleasant smoke that bespeaks all kinds of dirty combustion is gone. The STIGMA of the 2-stroke. Take away the smoke ... what can I tell you? ... It's uncanny. <Smoke> <GONE> .....(gone!)..... It's like a whole new class of internal combustion engine just because of the low to zero smoke factor. Time to unlearn a lifetime's prejudice, for me at least.

So there it is. I can't help it, I love the stuff, I'm sold.

but if I do get any trouble I'll be right back here to report my results, of course, that's science innit.

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