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Default Did my china girl motor blow up??

I had a spare 66cc engine laying around and mounted it last week....I had about 11 miles on it and was staying around 15mph for break in....As I was going down the road I heard a "cling" sound like my tire picked up a peace of metal on the road and threw it up into my fender....My first thought was here comes a flat,well about 20 seconds later I hear the "cling"again and thought man that had to have come from my motor,whats the chances of hitting 2 peaces of metal on the road with the same sound....The whole time thought my engine sounded great,then about 10 seconds after the second cling the engine started making all kinds of clinging and clanging noises,so I pulled the clutch in and the engine stalled....After coasting for 15 seconds I dumped the clutch and the back tire was locked up but if I pull the clutch in it coastes fine....With the clutch in it does have a slight sandpaper rubbing sound,but mabe im hearing things.....What was really strange with this engine was when I went to mount it I could not believe how far the clutch lever set in....of all the engines I have had I have never seen one ajusted so far in....It made for a perfect straight shot were there was no angle or bind in the cable....It was the smoothest clutch I had ever had....Could it be something in my clutch?
IF I CANT FIX IT,IT ISN'T BROKEN!....ummmmmmm so I thought....
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